Plant Based Business Podcast

podcast michiel van deursenVegan Investor, Michiel van Deursen, Talks About Why He Invests In Plant-Based Businesses

Michiel van Deursen is a former tech entrepreneur who’s first endeavour was creating the largest classifieds internet platform in Belgium. He then went onto start up several other successful companies, including an Amsterdam based internet agency and a tech incubator.

In this episode, Damien and Judy sit down with Michiel to discuss his history in tech, and then dive into why he invests in the plant-based sphere and what he looks for in potential businesses.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Michiel’s previous experience as a tech entrepreneur
  • Why he invests in plant-based businesses
  • What he looks out for in businesses
  • Plant-based businesses Michiel has invested in
  • Self care as an entrepreneur

Listen to the podcast and download it here.