After being invited to join one of the well known Vevolution Panels at their yearly festival in 2019, Michiel met founders Damien and Judy, and instantly connected with them over their common goals, interests and passion on all things vegan!

In the coming months, they spoke and met on many occasions, and when the COVID19 pandemic hit the world, they spent more time talking about the future of Vevolution, and indeed in person events, but also how to move forward as a company. Michiel offered mentorship and advice, and with their combined skills and goals, decided a new concept could be born online, a platform like no other, to bring both vegan investors and start ups together.

Michiel often lacked a space to reach out, or to be contacted directly by start ups, without the long and tiring task of sifting through pitch decks and emails. The Vevolution platform does just that, and investing and becoming part of something that will change the interface of plant based investment opportunities forever.

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