Vegtech ETF


As an investor in VegTech Invest™, the Advisor to the VegTech™ ETF (EATV), I am excited to share news on The VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF: the world’s first pure-play fund investing in the technology disrupting traditional agriculture by creating animal-free foods and materials.

Investment Strategy
The VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (Ticker: EATV) is an actively managed fund designed to offer investors exposure to the growing plant-based foods and materials trend, through VegTech™ Companies. The VegTech™ ETF is a pure-play in plant-based innovation and we believe the only fund offering global exposure dedicated to this emerging sector.

– Plant-based food and ingredient companies behind popular products such as the Beyond burger.
– Plant-based materials companies producing animal-free squalene and animal-free collagen for cosmetics.
– Plant-based agriculture technology companies that grow more plants in less space through indoor vertical farming, no manure, and robotics.
– Alternative protein companies capable of transforming plant-based carbohydrates and other ingredients into proteins, using precision fermentation, cell-based agriculture, and advanced technologies.

These types of companies make animal-free primary products through unique innovation and technology utilizing plants or plant-derived products. Further these companies work towards a more efficient, climate-friendly, and sustainable food and materials supply system. We believe this sector will experience massive growth as part of a large-scale secular trend. We call these VegTech Companies.

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  
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