Michiel saw this brand boom in the media, and decided to learn more. After a lot of calls, learning and meeting their inspiring team, investors and boards Michiel was absolutely sold. An amazing innovative and leading product and a team that backs up their diverse knowledge on plant based materials.

This is a product that is so needed. Leather is usually from animals, and the replacement is usually plastic. Pinatex have created a quality leather from pineapple leaves. Giving the farmers an extra source of income too. With brands such as Hugo Boss already using Pinatex, it is a space that is waiting to be disrupted – fashion is polluting the world, and people are waking up, and needed alternatives that are just as stylish & durable.

Female founded, with a fantastic team of passionate people made it an easy choice to add to the Capital V portfolio. Michiel loves to work together with them and looks forward to a bright future.

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