Most people do not realise how bad eating honey is for all bees, wild bees and honeybees. And thus for the eco-system we all depend on. However, honey does have super healthy ingredients for us, so doesn’t have the stigma that animal products do, in that we know they are not healthy. Introducing Melibio, a startup that is creating real honey but not from bees. Michiel was so inspired by the concept, and finally having an alternative for many people who still enjoy honey, without the environmental damage.

Melibio’s co-founder is Darko Mandich, driven by passion, and knows literally everything there is to know about honey and the industry. The other co-fouder Aaron Schaller, is one of the most promising scientists trained at Berkeley University. The perfect team to grow this exciting concept further.

Michiel virtually met the team at the start of the pandemic in 2020, and enjoyed such an interesting conversation about bees and what the world would look like if bees could retire. It was an easy decision to include Melibio to the Capital V portfolio.

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