With so many companies focussing their efforts on like for like meat replacements, Capital V started to research the snacks and sweet industry. It wasn’t long before Livia’s came up as a game changing developer. So many animal products are used in unhealthy snacks, and it was clearly time to disrupt this market, and add a sweeter treat to the Capital V portfolio.

Olivia Wollenberg, the founder of Livia’s offers delicious indulgent snack products with only a few ingredients and less sugar. Olivia herself is passionate and creative, and created the company because of her own history with allergies, and wanting to still indulge in sweets. The company has a great community feeling, and connection with their audience. Most of which don’t even realise it is vegan, but just see a delicious product.

Livia’s is for sale in all the main retail channels in the UK and the D2C has has customers all over the world, currently expanding their products and developing new ideas all the time.
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