It is widely known in Spain as the only alternative choice for meat, and has a very loyal fanbase, including Michiel. When he saw Heura popping up in local restaurants, and heard the company was located a stone’s throw away from his Barcelona apartment, he did not hesitate to meet the founder, and get in touch. Shortly after, he became one of the larger early investors in the company.

Heura is a Spanish company, founded by Marc Coloma, a former animal activist and highly ambitious and intelligent person. He has surrounded himself with amazing people, and continues to thrive. Every detail in this company makes sense: the focus on health, taste and animal welfare. The positive tone of voice with a hint of activism. The office is no exception – with quotes lining the walls, and every member of staff adds to the ambitious tone of the company. 

It is one of the most rapidly growing and exciting members of the Capital V portfolio. Heura is expanding in many countries and is adding new products all the time. With a recognisable bright yellow packaging, delicious taste and great company vibes, it is definitely not one to be missed out on! 

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