Fooditive was founded in 2018 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative, and ground-breaking company that will change the food industry. Michiel was so inspired by their claim, and how they have created something so necessary in the food chain. After tasting and using it himself, it was an easy choice to invest in their idea.

Fooditive uses their own patented fermentation technology to make food products, made from waste from the fruit and food industry. They started with sweetener that can be used in anything that would use sugar, without the typical effects sugar would give. They are also rapidly expanding into products like thickener, preservatives, emulsifier, fat replacer and even vegan casein. It is a unique company and product base, with nothing else like it in the industry.

Fooditive is changing the food industry from within, by creating novel plant based ingredients for both large and smaller food producers. The founder is well driven and ambitious, with many plans. There is a lot of potential, and they are very keen to learn along the way – a quality Michiel always looks for in an investment opportunity.

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