After multiple visits, and tastings of the delicious products both in Holland and Spain, Capital V invested in the company Boon. One of the largest alternative protein players in The Netherlands.

Boon is Dutch for bean, and they are a main ingredient in the products Boon makes. Keeping it simple, nutritious and delicious. Michiel was interested in this company, because they don’t try to taste like anything else on the market, or in fact like meat, but use a range of herbs, spices and ideas to create their tasty products. Meat replacements and next generation alternative protein. From quick microwavable bites, to burgers and replacements to go with any meal.

Available for sale to customers in most supermarkets in The Netherlands, they have become a favourite for many households. The company is founded by Michael Luesink, a food scientist with a strong vision, drive and passion for taste. Boon have their own food laboratory in a small Dutch town, where they create their delicious new recipes, and concepts. The team are creative and driven to move forward in more countries, to develop their brand.

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