Better Nature

Whilst in London for the premiere of the Game Changers film, Michiel met up with one of the founders of Better Nature to learn more about the company. It is so important that there is an organic ‘click’ between founder and investor, and in this case – there definitely was. Michiel even invited founder Christopher along for the premiere.

Better Nature is a company passionate about all things TEMPEH. The founders are all super smart and focussed people, who know business and know everything there is to know about delicious tempeh. They have a clear vision and mission how to work on becoming the biggest one and are well networked. They understand the market they are in, and adapt and innovate at every opportunity.

Their unique branding and social media presence is inspiring and personal. Communication is smooth and quick, always responding to things quickly and efficiently. Their products are delicious and healthy. One of the founders, Amadeus, even completed a PhD on tempeh. His family owns a tempeh factory in Indonesia and has lots of old family recipes that they use now for their products.

The team are kind and intelligent people, doing a great job, each an expert in their own area of expertise.

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