Michiel was introduced to co-founder JP at a London event when talking alongside each other on a panel. His passion and drive inspired Michiel to learn more about the company. JP invited Michiel for a visit to their newly built factory and pitched his company, All Plants.

Imagine receiving chef-made, frozen plant based meals, ready to heat, to your door. An impressive and easy solution for people to delve into plant based living, with no real effort. Super easy and convenient, keeping all nutritional value, healthy, and of course better for the planet. Most importantly – super delicious. All meals are nutritious & prepared fresh.

Allplants is a fast growing company. Run by amazing, inspiring and driven people. They have their own production facility and they lead the market they are disrupting. They sell plant based meals to both vegan veterans and also flexitarians, looking for an easy option to eat more plant based. They have a very loyal fan base, and a good reorder history. They disrupt multiple huge markets, including the frozen category, D2C meals and ready made meals.

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